So far this week.

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Captain Philips was on the edge of your seat greatness, You're Next was a fantastic slasher horror - very satisfying, Petal Dance was peaceful and very enjoyable, The Hunger Games: Catching fire was a bit of a bore - but so was the book, Guilt trip was really fun and Blue Jasmine was very good indeed!


so far this week.

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Sightseers was absolutely marvellous, Scary Movie 4 was as expected and generated a couple of sniggers, From up on Poppy Hill was just lovely, Kick-Ass 2 was good, Mud helped me mourn the end of True Detective and World War Z was a load of old zombie rubbish and I love zombies!


so far this week.

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Behind the Candelabra was so good and glittery, Elysium was rather dull, Pacific rim was definitely not my thing, The World's End bored me, That touch of mink was just wonderful and Insidious 2 was freaky but fun.


Designing with succulents.

I am still not sure if yesterday was all a dream or just a succulent induced coma. It was marvellous though. I attended a workshop called 'Designing with Succulents' at The Garden House in Brighton. First off I could not believe such a magical garden was hidden away down a normal looking row of houses! The workshop was run by Fiona Wemyss who has a nursery specialising in succulents in Kent called Blueleaf plants. To start with we got a bit of background information on succulents, then tea and cake and then outside in the sunshine for some hands on succulent fun. I learnt so much and can't wait to get propagating with all the cuttings we were given. The highlight for me was getting to make up my very own pot, where we got to choose from a crate full of succulents which ever little beauties we fancied. I can't wait to return to The Garden House to learn more!


Closet and Botts.

I remember passing Closet and Botts (before it had officially opened) a few months back on my first visit to Lewes and thinking it looked like it would be a great shop, just from a quick glance at the lettering on the windows. I was right. As soon as I stepped inside yesterday it quickly became apparent that this was my dream shop and I wanted everything I saw. Thomas was pretty head over heals as well and it wasn't long before our arms with overflowing with goodies. What a delight.



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I've been watching so many movies recently so I need to get up to date with my 'So far this week' posts. Strangers on a train was a really good one, Stoker was quite interesting, I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Lego Movie was a bit of fun, Mama was extremely freaky but I wanted to be unnerved a bit more and The Purge was quite annoying when I felt it had so much potential.
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