I saw this and thought you should know.

Love Exposure (愛のむきだし Ai no mukidashi). I watched this rather wonderful Japanese film the other night. I have to admit the 237 minute running time actually scared me. So i watched it in two parts as my concentration span is not what it used to be. Or actually ever was. Apparently the original version was 6 hours long...


  1. I watched this film as well @ the ICA in London. Amazing mix of slapstick comedy and psychological thriller! Just like to say really like this blog, please keep up the good work! : D

  2. Ah yes, i wanted to see it at the ICA but again the duration time was a concern. Thank you so much!

  3. I watched the film at first for all the wrong reasons (I quite like AAA and Nissy from AAA plays the main character) but I quite liked it in the end. Strangely enough I never noticed the running time...

  4. I had never encountered AAA before but just watched some of their vids ! The film did whiz by because it was just so darn entertaining.


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