I feel at home here in the middle of nowhere.

Another of my favourite spots inside Bushy Park. Unfortunately it's never as quiet in there as it once was as there in now a cafe in the grounds (which is permanently busy) but i can't knock it as i do like to stop by for a peppermint tea. You can still hear the woodpeckers and cockerals, and see the occasional rabbit, heron and parakeet as you wander the paths though.

+ ON REPEAT: Inter Be - Peter Wolf Crier


  1. Oh my god. All shots are exceptionally beautiful. I can't imagine myself in a place like this. Of course, I visited some memorable sites in my life but this park is fantastic. That's great you could render all its beauty in the photos.

  2. How was Lost? Are you sleepy now??

  3. Lesya - Thank you so much!

    Miss O - It left me thirsty for more!

  4. Wowser - these photos are beautiful! I am absolutely in love with the second photo, with the swan. I can't wait to look through the rest of your shots. Keep them coming, please.


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