I know a place where we can go. Where we are not known.

On a Sunday you can't beat a bit of Spitalfields Market and a wander around Brick Lane. Browsing the book stalls, picking out the perfect frames if one day i ever need glasses, letterpress love, an artist on demand and some photobooth magic in Rough Trade East!


  1. I especially love the way you captured the light in that letterpress image. Beautiful as always. Have a great week!

  2. Ah i love letterpress letters! Too bad they're so expensive. I bought A B and C from a stall in Notting Hill as they were so beautiful and ornate but i felt bad not buying the whole alphabet!

    Also that photobooth looks ace, there's so few like that in england i'll have to take a trip when next in the capital.

  3. the letterpress blocks are brilliant! i want!
    oh yes, the book is Hardboiled Wonderland & the End of the World - so surreal and full of fantasy and imagination...his books do feel as if they were crafted not just written. I love it , just what I need to escape from muggy London trains at the moment!

  4. Thanks Christine!

    Laura: I need to do a letterpress course i think! That photobooth is defo worth a visit.

    Jane: That's one of my favourite Murakami books! Keep meaning to reread it! And yes, must get buses and avoid the tube in this weather!

  5. Think the East End is the place to go for old style photo-booths, there is one in the basement of Pizza East too that does strips...so glad they are not completely extinct!

  6. Oh thanks for that Becky, i will have to go!

  7. This brings back memories..when I lived in London my friends and I would go to Brick Lane and Spitalfields every sunday! On saturdays we would have coffee at one of the cosy cafés on Broadway market..I sure miss it!
    Kate - thanks for all the kind comments you've left, it's so nice to hear that you enjoy reading my blog!


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