What's in my travel bag?

I popped over to Copenhagen for a few days and what an amazing place it is. It has the most wonderful shops and plenty of jaw-droppingly beautiful places to stop for tea and cake. Now i have six films to get developed and a little movie to edit together.


  1. One must always have their Time Out, musn't they!

    xo Erin

  2. Wow! Okay just the fact that you are able to say things like "popped over to Copenhagen for a few days" makes me super jealous. Can't wait to see pictures. Definitely one of my top must go to places.

  3. oooooh so excited to see the pics :) haha i see you favour the time out gudes. i am more of a rough guide girl myself...ha! was it awesome? i want to go soooo much. xxx

  4. Ohh, incredibly jealous! i've been wanting to go to copenhagen forever and ever, can't wait to see your reports :)

  5. Yes it's time out all the way for me, although i do have a few stray rough guides on my shelf. Copenhagen was very impressive!


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