Letting the days go by.

I went with my friend Zoe to the opening of a jewellery exhibition called Bling at The Museum of childhood a couple of weeks ago. I spotted Rob Ryan in there which was rather exciting! The DJ was playing some great songs but we didn't stay for long as Wagamamas was calling.

+ Stumbled upon these absolutely amazing Twin Peaks embroidered portraits! I am making my way through season 2 at the moment and really enjoying it.


  1. I just love the name Museum of Childhood. Great images--love that first graffiti one.

  2. I love Rob exciting! I also checked out those Twin Peaks embroidered portraits and forwarded them to everyone I know. Great find!

  3. I looove your pictures :)

  4. can't wait to watch twin peaks 2, funnily enough i tweeted about it about an hour ago...
    btw i got a photo of that bird on Brick Lane too. ace, isn't it?!


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