I collect collections.

I decided to start a zine collection and about time! Apparently when you are blood type A like me you like to collect things. I know i sure do. I spied this zine on etsy by Vicky. It is a visual delight along with her blog.


  1. I'm blood group A too, and definitely like to collect!

  2. Yes! I've been to the amelie cafe before but my boyfriend hasn't so might have to take him for a hot choc!

    I started making my own polaroid zine at the start of the year but haven't got around to finishing it yet :(

  3. I am apparently completely out of the loop as I have never seen nor heard of this kind of "zine" before. A little (majorly) embarrassed, but I thank you for the introduction! I am absolutely going to check this out right now, but from your sneak peek, Vicky's looks gorgeous! (I wonder if I don't know about this because I'm type O...)

  4. ack now i want a zine collection :( this one is especially gorgeous! i may have to purchase one. zine twins! loves xxx

  5. This zine looks lovely. I've just started a zine collection, at least it will take up less space than some of my other collections!


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