Bristol. Part 2.

Some more stops on the Bristol tour included the most amazing mezze for lunch from Biblos, the jaw-dropping wonder that is Blaze and the magnificent screen prints in Snap.


  1. Hi Kate; stumbled upon your blog on my way to bed, and besides the great images, it made me realize that I haven't watched a movie in months. Loved going through what you had seen, and the first one I recognized was "Onskan".

    When I lived in Oslo, there was this small cinema just around the corner, and I would go many, many times every week. Ah, well... sorry about the rambling :) I miss movies! Putting you in my list, maybe I'll get inspired :)

  2. kate, this are beautiful. I have been exploring your vimeo site and I must say I'm in love with your videos! beautiful images and music so nicely chosen... thanks for sharing your little adventures :)

  3. I love your photos and your blog. So many interesting things that I went back quite a bit :)

  4. Footwear compatible x

  5. These photos are so great - what marvellous signage!!
    Lovely blog, pleasure to have found x


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