So far this week #75


  1. i'm obsessed with watching mad men! love the story, love the script, love the actors, love the characters, love ALL THE CLOTHES and ALL THE FURNITURE! are you as mad as me about mad men? ; )

  2. Yes Dani I am loving it all! Half way through season 2 now!

  3. So glad you're enjoying Mad Men! It's so sad and emotional, I feel like I always need a drink when I watch it. :) We finally finished season 4, and are anxiously waiting for the next.

  4. a lot of french movies ;)
    i love "un coeur en hiver"

  5. oh, it's the same guy from le dîner de cons! and, from what I see on wikipedia, the main character's name is the same (françois pignon) though a different actor... is that just a coincidence?

    thank you for the blog comment, and I'm so happy to have found your adorable blog!


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