Weston-super-Mare. Part 1.

The first time we visited Weston it was out of season and a very cold and windy day, but on a sunny Sunday the other month we discovered the most wonderful seaside town! We made sandcastles, ate home-made chocolate croissants, drank bottled coca cola and went for a walk to see Birnbeck Pier.


  1. oh how funny! I've just posted some 'vintage' photos of WSM! Look:

    You make the place look glam in your photos! Lou x

  2. I love coke in glass bottles!

    Looks like a beautiful sunny day in England, hopefully the blue skies stick around for a little bit longer before it starts to get cold again.

    Beautiful shots, as always. You have a lovely eye for cute things.

  3. Brilliant. What a nice day.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Eeep, Weston is just down the road from me. You've taken lovely photos of it.

  5. Weston-Super-Mare looks like the quintessential British seaside town. I love that shot of the pier!

    You should definitely visit Edinburgh - I'm sure you'd love it. Perhaps you should visit next Festival and we can meet for a cuppa.

    I'm thinking of visiting St. Ives. Would you recommend the sleeper?

  6. Weston... what a memorie for me... Thanks !

  7. home-made chocolate croissants sound really good!
    i like your tight cropping and composition of that 'pier sign' shot
    a quirky series of photos kate :)


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