Weston-super-Mare. Part 2.

Weston's very own love boat, writing in the sand, one amazing walkway, some beautiful looking houses off the beaten track, a seafood hut versus the new pier, so many beach-side cafes to choose from and simply admiring the view. We will definitely be heading back to Weston-super-Mare next summer.


  1. Great photos! So sweet.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Wonderful views of Weston! I love your eye!
    The road to Kewstoke / Sand Bay is really nice too.

  3. I follow a lot of photographs who have a blog like you but I must say that your photos are the best photos I've ever seen. It's a pleasure to look at your new posts, really! You create a wonderful universe!

    (sorry about my english, I'm french)
    I hope you will continue this blog for a looooooong time :D

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone!

    Agathe - I'm very happy to hear that :)

  5. those mushrooms on toast were probably the best of my life!
    & the Photobooth is the one in the garden at Cargo! There used to be one in Reading train station too but I think it might have been replaced by the nasty shiny new ones by now : (

    here is nice too


  6. i really like that you're not afraid to crop really tightly in your frame, like in the 5th shot

    very refreshing shots

  7. oh I have to go there,looks great


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