Patch up your troubles.

Last week Thomas spotted this amazing cross stitch in a local charity shop window. I thought about it over night and by the next morning I knew I had to make it ours so I rushed back bright and early. I really do love it.


  1. and how lucky for you that it was still there! I usually do that, wait for another opportunity to see if I really need it and by the time I go back and get it, it is long gone. It is a very lovely piece ;)

  2. It's really gorgeous, the nicest I've seen. Such a lucky find! x

  3. This is fab!I love so much when you find something it's like it's calling you, and you know you have to get it!Great find.

  4. I love it! It's so pretty and positive!

  5. wow! wonderful find, I cant believe that is all stitched! that must have taken a while to make. Great words too, its so punny! haha

  6. oooh i agree definately the most upbeat and quirky cross stitch i have ever seen.
    your a very lucky lady :)


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