So far this week #107

Picture 2 Best in show was quite amusing, The raven was not so great, 2 days in New York was not as good as 2 days in Paris, The cabin in the woods had me wondering what the heck was going on but it was still lots of fun, I loved Heart breaker and Knocked up was a film I had been avoiding but actually rather enjoyed.


  1. I also watched the raven last week...yeah wasn't very good sadly as I love John Cusack

  2. Best in Show is super! I love all the Christopher Guest films. Have you seen Waiting for Guffman? I used to work in an amateur theatre in Germany, and he has spot-on nailed the characters.

    Also I love Julie Delpy's dad. I want him to be my grandad!

  3. Not seen Waiting for Guffman but will look it up.

    Yes her dad is very amusing!


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