So far this week #109

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 9 Dec  08.56.39A Simple Life was such a fascinating story of growing old and companionship and I adored it. Carnage was much better than I had expected and I found it very amusing. I had not seen Mermaids in years but it was still pretty great with such a good soundtrack. Seeking a friend for the end of the World was such a let down, where Keira Knightley was an extremely annoying character (that personally I would not want to be anywhere near when the end of the World was approaching) and Steve Carell was completely underwhelming (when you think about how amazing he was playing Michael Scott). Coma was very tense and left me a jibbering wreck just thinking about hospitals. Damsels in distress was so dreary and not what I had hoped for.


  1. Love mermaids! I did wonder about Carnage as the trailer didn't excite me but maybe i should give it another chance..

    1. I wasn't very happy when Lovefilm sent me Carnage as it was way down low on my list - but It was definitely entertaining Laura!

  2. I wanted to watch A simple Life for a while I am even more interested in it!


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