So far this week #120

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Beautiful Creatures was actually quite entertaining for me, Before Midnight was definitely an interesting one - so amazing to see Jesse and Celine again but I felt a bit unsatisfied and I'm not really sure why (looking forward to the next one though), I Wish was a nice little story, Oz the Great and Powerful was big and loud and colourful, The Soul of Bread was a funny and over the top and it made me smile and The Hobbit was a good old adventure!


  1. Will there be there another 'Before..' movie in ten years time then do you think?! Yes i felt similarly about Before Midnight. I didn't like seeing them argue!x

    1. I read that they weren't going to rule out doing another film...Yes me too, I felt sad about all the arguments and just wanted to see them happy :) x

    2. I couldn't bear watching that argument, I actually almost walked out of the cinema. It's Jesse & Celine fer crissakes - they shouldn't fight like that! I posted a LONG rant on my blog about why I hated the fight scene.


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