The big knit 2010.

So far i have managed to knit six little hats for the Innocent drinks Age UK campaign. Might have a go at some stripey ones next.

+ Found a link on It's nice that to these wonderful sessions called Watch Listen Tell and that's exactly what i'm doing. My favourite three are Two door cinema club, Peter and the wolf and Dry the river. Outstanding!


  1. hi kate!

    well done on the knitting. just to let you know the next south west jumble is this weekend!!!

    maybe see you there :)

  2. I've come across some of those sessions before--they're great aren't they? Those hats are so cute. I so wish I could knit. What a great project to be a part of!

  3. 6 already? You've done well!! It's still too hot for me to knit!!

  4. Well done, they look so pretty, and for a v. good cause too!


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