The envy of the bees.

July is strawberry picking season down at Garsons Farm (the biggest pick your own farm in the country). This was my first trip of the month with a friend and her daughter little O. We picked until we couldn't pick no more and then had our picnic next to a tractor!

+ Thanks to my friend Dan for some Norwegian Wood excitement.

+ I think this What i wore today video by David Galletly is rather great!


  1. oh i love strawberry picking! we picked lots and lots of berries when i was in portland last summer.. my friend used some to make a delicious cake. : )

  2. I didn't realise that our Garsons is the biggest in the country!! Let's go for a picnic soon...your basket is so very cute!I'm back by the way...

  3. This looks lovely, and I can't wait to watch Norwegian Wood!

  4. Looks heavenly! We went fruit picking a couple of weekends ago, no better way to spend a sunny summer's day. Thanks for all the updates on Norwegian Wood, I am v. excited.


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