A photo booth and an origami heart.

Thomas and I spent the most wonderful 4 days in Paris last week. We managed to locate 2 photo booths from our long list (in Bonton and forum des images) and then proceeded to go photo booth crazy! I have just got my negatives back from all my snaps but Thomas has already started posting some of his amazing photographs on his blog.


  1. Oh how cute! Photobooth picture are the best! I'll have to pop over and see some fantastic Paris photos :)


  2. Aw these are lovely - i went to the booth in the forum des images too! In chicago there are LOADS of b&w photobooths, i might go a bit crazy with them as well, yay!

  3. So cute! Loving his blog too.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Love it! Just like Amelie!

  5. A seal! YES! the tea is from the excelent tea house in Covent Garden and is soo yummy!

    Paris looks lovely through both yours and your boyfriends lenses! I have been working on a project in St Pancras right by the eurostar arrivals and keep thinking I should take photos of all of the lovers reuniting! SO SO NICE!

    too many exclaimation marks already


  6. I am literally so smitten with that city! it is so beautiful. If you ever get the chance to visit you definitely should, and I'll tell you all the best spots!


  7. I just love the old fashioned booths, looks like lots of fun!

  8. eee, we found a photobooth there too but in the Palais de Tokyo, aren't they amazing!! we have a photo of us with cameras too :)


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