The Royal Parks.

Two of my favourite places to go for walks are Bushy Park and Richmond Park. I try and go to one at least once a week. They are both wonderful green spaces to visit and every time I'm there I feel lucky to live so close to them. The first image was taken in Bushy Park in the summer time. There are always lots of deer to see just roaming around in both parks and it's extra exciting when you get to see them taking a dip. The second image was taken in Richmond Park when I went for an afternoon stroll with Thomas.


  1. Oh my goodness, that first picture is absolutely beautiful! I can even feel the sunlight on my toes, reading underneath that tree. Darn the fact that I live nowhere any lovely parks.

  2. We were at Bushy park for the first time just the other week. A really beautiful place, even on a grey winters day.

  3. these are lovely photos. i miss London's parks.


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