So far this week #93

The Big Picture was a great thriller with cameras, Ferris Bueller's day off will always be such a classic that is extremely quotable, National lampoon's vacation is pure 80's goodness , The Goonies is the perfect adventure film that I watch once a year, Borgen was unexpectedly fantastic and Sleeping Beauty was stranger than strange.


  1. The Big Picture-Poster looks stunning!

    Sunshinegreets, from Austria :)

  2. love love love ferris bueller! i've watched it so many times and it's always great.. a true classic. just like goonies.

  3. Have you watched Tyrannosaur? It's phenomenal.

  4. FERRIS. Nothing could ever beat that gem of 1980s American culture. NOTHING. And the Goonies is pretty fantastic. My little bro and I watched it a few months ago and screamed our lungs out. Super fun and it's a pity they don't make kids movies that kids would actually enjoy and also offer a good representation of what kids really are like, stripped of twee goody-two-shoes-ness. Case in point, the scene with the cocaine and Spanish. :))

    A from A + B in the Sea

  5. LOVE the Goonies and I probably watch a little more during the year than you ;) it never gets old for me. Weren't they making a second part of the Goonies?

    1. I read that there are currently no plans for a sequel but possibly a musical !!


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