So far this week #137

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White reindeer was quite a bizarre watch and I can't decide if I actually liked it or not. I nearly turned off Stuck in love after the first 5 minutes but I persevered and actually really enjoyed it. With Mary Poppins I always start off enthusiastic and singing along but then tend to wane a bit during  the second half. Happy Christmas was a really good one that I'd never even heard of. One hundred and one dalmatians is just fantastic. Liberal Arts had been on my to watch list for a while now and I am so glad i did. I loved it!


  1. This is possibly my favorite bunch of movies, Stuck in Love and Liberal Arts especially. Such a good week you must have had!

    1. I know! Liberal Arts was probably my favourite out of them all - so great!

  2. I also watched Happy Christmas just before Christmas & enjoyed it! Though i thought it petered out a bit at the end. x


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