So far this week #135

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I am still very behind with my film updates so I think I will just do a whole load so I can get back on track. One of the problems has been that during the festive period I have been watching a film a night before bed so my list just keeps getting longer (can't stop - won't stop).

Afternoon Delight was absolutely fantastic - I enjoyed every second. It's directed by Jill Solway who also did the amazing Transparent so trust me - it's great. It's a Wonderful Life is always very entertaining and is a must around this time of the year (back in December). Not here to be loved was a really touching story. Starlet was an unexpected good one. Home Alone - it has to be done in early December to get me in the mood. How I live now was an interesting idea and it really kept my attention.


  1. I really enjoyed 'How I live Now'. I spent the whole time not knowing what was coming next.

    1. Oh definitely. It wasn't the sort of film I was expecting at all. Very good though!


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